Lordís Day 44 Themes and Divisions


S. tí Hart


Everything I need is in Christ Jesus


1.      He is the key to contentment

2.      He is the means to godliness


Scripture reading: 1 Timothy 6:3-21



In the 10th Commandment the LORD lays claim to our hearts


1.      The battle within our hearts

2.      The victory from outside our hearts


Scripture readings:Romans 7, Galatians 5


C. Bouwman


The law of God gives freedom


1.      The law does not save

2.      The law shows us how to be free

3.      The leads Canadians forward


Scripture readings:John 8:31-47, James 1:19-2:13


W. Bredenhof


God uses the preaching of the law to lead believers to maturity


This happens through the working of:


1.      Humility

2.      Holiness


Scripture readings:Romans 7, Philippians 3:1-4:1


M. Retief


God demands a pure heart


We will note:


1.      The complete obedience that is required

2.      The small beginning of our obedience

3.      The goal of perfection


Scripture readings:Genesis 3:1-6, 1 Kings 21:1-16


E. Rupke


The Tenth Commandment


1.      It exposes a sinful heart

2.      It drives a sinner to Christ

3.      It encourages a holy life


Scripture reading:Psalm 19


Adriano Gama


God desires that you hate sin and be content in his righteousness


1.      God expresses this desire in the Tenth Commandment

2.      God knows your inability to fulfill his desire

3.      God helps you to fulfill his desire


Scripture reading:Romans 7:7-25


C. Stam


In the Tenth Commandment the LORD demands a holy unity of thoughts, words, and deeds.


1.      No unholy conspiracy

2.      A holy motivation


Scripture reading:Matthew 15:1-20



In his law the LORD continues to demand our perfection


1.      The small beginning

2.      The constant growth

3.      The certain goal


Scripture readings:Matthew 5:38-48, Philippians 3:8-16


R. H. Bremmer


God requires our heart in the Tenth Commandment


That requirement:


1.      Exposes

2.      Humbles

3.      Urges us to pray


Scripture reading:1 John 3:1-21